Formed in October of 2018 by guitarist cousins, J.T. Jasinski and Drew Kussmaul, V*A*S*E immediately sought to bring something new to rock music. Combining a love for early protopunk (The Stooges, Hawkwind), American post-punk (The Feelies, Sonic Youth), and the grunge boom of the 90s (Nirvana, Local H), the boys from Brighton, Michigan began the search for other musicians to fill out their sound. The permanent additions of Christian Thibodeau on vocals, Derian Parsons on bass, and Elijah Simmons on drums during the summer months of 2019 have solidified V*A*S*E as a fearsome fivesome, in the style of fellow Michigan bands, Sponge and the MC5. Building up a repertoire of originals, the band has slowly, but surely, played close to 50 shows over the past year at venues all over the state. with enough material to cover an EP, V*A*S*E is in the process of recording music to be released.

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