Sharp Talent Productions

Penny's Note Passing- Sharp Talent Productions Presents: The Music Box Showcase Dec. 14th 2019


Christian Thibodeau (vocals), J.T. Jasinski (guitar, keys), Drew Kussmaul (guitar), Derian Parsons (bass), and Elijah Simmons (drums)

V*A*S*E have a strong alternative background, with a slight grungy and punk rock flavor that gives them a very different sound. They came to prove themselves and they most certainly succeeded with a performance that was worthy. Beyond the quality of their songs and performance, there was an element of ambition to their set. Thibodeau proves to be one of the better local rock voices around as he emulates an eerie sense but also is a truly incredible performer as he struts, shuffles, and slithers across the stage. The band is tight with a steady foundation from Derian Parsons belting bass and drummer Elijah Simmons smashing sounds giving Thibodeau a steady foundation to soar vocally and to compliment the lead guitar riffs that work from J.T Jasinski and Drew Kussmaul. Their performance was simply incredible, leaving patrons beyond thrilled, while also leaving the patrons excited for what is to come. The group oozed with confidence as it paid homage to some music pioneers (I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges) with a glitzy twist of extravagant flair in their performance. The band had hit their full swing with Johnny Be Joan, Sock It To Me and Fired And Free which had the patrons in their grasp with a diverse trip through the modern spectrum of music. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those gigs when people say “I was there, I saw V*A*S*E perform at The Music Box for the first time and it was epic.

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